Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dishwasher diaster!

My mom was in Utah and I had just gotten home from Shasta so I was laying on the couch being lazy. My dad thought he would be helpful and decided to start the dishwasher since my mom wasn't there to do it for us. He asks me which buttons to press and I tell him, but I had a feeling I should go in the kitchen to make sure everything was ok. But of course being tired from Shasta I stayed on the couch for the next 20 minutes. When I finally got hungry enough to get up I walked into the kitchen and found this!

I started yelling for my dad saying the dishwasher was broken. I thought maybe something had got in the way of the door and that's why all the bubbles were leaking out.

I opened it and couldn't find any problem in there....but it didn't smell like the normal soup. "Dad what soap did you put in there?" He reaches into the cabinet and pulls out the soap(like for washing dishes in the sink)!

There were so many bubbles from that soap that I spent most of the night trying to scoop them out, mop them up, pour water on them to dilute them, and I must have ran the dishwasher at least 6 times before they all finally went away.

Lesson learned: Don't put regular soap in the dishwasher!


Natalie Parks said...

Haha! So funny! Aw, your poor dad was trying to help. That is a mess, bubbles are so hard to get rid of. Poor Jessie!

Mick, Kirsten and Thomas said...

Jessie.... THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!! What a mess to clean up and what a great daughter you are!!!!

You made my night!!!

Erin Robinson said...

I would have made my dad clean it up! I guess you are nicer than I am. ;) and you were tired from ONE day at Shasta?!?!! Jessie!